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During his presentation, Mark Croft, a professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, sits on a cart and fires a fire extinguisher behind him into an object held by David Maiullo, the physics support specialist for lecture hall demonstrations. The crowd goes wild.

Prof. Mark Croft demonstrates the First Law of Physics, zipping past the crowd on roller skates, powered by the force produced from a CO2 fire extinguisher

Kayla Jackson and Chisa Egbelu, the respective COO and CEO of PeduL, met while taking courses in the Department of Journalism ans Media Studies at Rutgers. As alumni, the two have collaborated to create a platform that helps students crowdfund to cover their educational expenses.

Since last year, the University’s philosophy lecture series has invited undergraduate students to speak with guest lecturers. The Rutgers philosophy department teamed up with Oxford University this year to provide several days of specialized lectures throughout campus.

Rutgers professor Alan Robock contributed to a Nobel Peace Prize-winning project, entitled the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). His work has helped outline what the environmental impact of nuclear war would look like.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of students from universities across the country take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), but in recent years some schools, including Harvard, have opted to use different testing methods. Rutgers has stated that they will not act until the Bar Association comes to a consensus.

Rutgers—Camden's new Nursing and Science building has labs that will provide students with realistic hospital, outpatient and home care settings. The cost was covered in part by a $750 million loan and grant program approved by New Jersey voters in a 2012 ballot referendum.

After the number of horseshoe crabs in the Delaware Bay declined from 2 million to 500,000 a group of Rutgers professors, students and interns came together to introduce a batch of new crabs into the ecosystem.

Next year, a high-quality replica of a 13-million-year-old ape skull that was discovered by a Rutgers professor will be displayed at the Rutgers Geology Museum.

Mark Lee, a graduate student in the Rutgers School of Public Health, teaches improvisational acting to help individuals step out of their comfort zones and cope with mental illnesses.

A team of four current and former Rutgers student were awarded the Hult Prize for a project called Roshni Rides, which would provide accessible and inexpensive transportation for refugees in South Asia.

Thomas Farris is the dean of the School of Engineering.

Retired Rutgers professor James T. Johnson gave his lecture on Tuesday at a conference entitled "To Kill or Not to Kill: Just War or Nonviolence?" The event, which took place in New York, explored the concepts of peace and war.

On Sunday, the Rutgers School of Social Work held its 35th annual conference on adoption. The event helped guide pre and post-adoption processes through a series of 30 workshops on a range of issues.

A new Rutgers study found that wait times for pediatric evaluations could be harmful to children’s ability to receive treatment for pressing medical problems. The report also showed a lack of accommodations for non-English speaking patients.

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