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Rutgers University School of Graduate Studies Spring Awards Ceremony, Busch Dining Hall, Piscataway, NJ. 04/25/2018 Photo by Steve Hockstein/

 Reynold Panettieri, the vice chancellor for Translational Medicine and Science, said the goal of translational science was to use observations taken in laboratories to bring more evidence-based treatments to patients. 

Chancellor Christopher J. Molloy said during the Rutgers University Student Assembly town hall that his main role is to manage a $2 billion budget, and that he works closely with the central budgeting office to accomplish that.

Aaron Mazzeo, a professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, said paper was a useful material for his research because it was flexible, inexpensive and had holes where air molecules could pass through it.

Henry Raymond, the associate professor of epidemiology, will be part of the New Jersey End AIDS Epidemic Committee. The announcement was made during the Annual World AIDS Day Conference last year.

The Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, located in New Brunswick, involves a curriculum that requires intensive study of data analysis. The new masters program will combine data analysis with computer programming and statistics.

Nabil Adam, the former vice chancellor of Research and Collaborations at Rutgers - Newark who had been accused by one of his former graduate students of sexual assault and harassment, has returned to an office at the Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick. 

Janne Lindqvist, senior author of the study and assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, found that most user systems are inadequate. 

James Goydos, a former Rutgers medical school professor and director at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, has been accused of filming or photographing people in the bathroom. 

 Mohini Mukherjee, the associate director of International Student Services, gave the opening remarks for the conference. She spoke about the connection and engagement that Rutgers has sustained with India and other universities. 

 John Farmer, the executive director of the Miller Center, said the center has provided assistance to areas across the globe, from Montana in the United States to Belgium in Europe. 

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