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The Rutgers—New Brunswick chancellor’s office, the Rutgers University Student Assembly, the Rutgers University Police Department and the City of New Brunswick collaborated to bring 12 new security cameras to the city.

By counting the number of red and white blood cells in a user’s bloodstream, the wristband analyzes for indicators of common diseases and transport data and information to medical professionals.

All students have access to the Rutgers Club, but only those with a membership, and who are over 21, can purchase alcohol. The club moved to the second floor of the Livingston Dining Commons last year after being on the College Avenue campus. 

The chair was named in honor of Gloria Steinem, a spokeswoman for the American feminist movement in the 1960s and 70s, as well as a journalist and political activist. .

Radhika Balakrishnan, a professor in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, has helped send students to the United Nations every year through her “Feminist Advocacy for Women’s Rights through the United Nations” class. 

Christopher J. Molloy first came to Rutgers in the early 1970s. Approximately 46 years later he is the new interim chancellor of Rutgers—New Brunswick with plans to create more internship opportunities for students and ensure the value of a Rutgers education. RUTGERS.EDU

The student convenience stores, once located at the Livingston and Busch Student Centers and at the Student Activities Center, have been removed pending further review by the University. 

Rutgers set a new fundraising record last year with $223.4 million raised in school donations — topping the previous record of $209.1 million by 6.8 percent.

So far more than 100 students have registered for Scarlet Plan, a new meal plan that offers unlimited swipes to the campus dining halls. Interested students have until Sept. 18 to sign up.

The New Jersey Digital Newspaper Project will bring more than 100,000 pages from three New Jersey newspapers online. The papers provide a look into the state's history and a plethora of interesting stories.

Rutgers found James Livingston, professor in the Department of History, violated its discrimination and harassment policy following a string of racially-charged posts made to his Facebook. The University is currently reexamining his case. 

Chair of the Board of Governors Sandy Stewart

Anthony Mollica began planning events with the Rutgers Student Programming Association (RUPA) during his first year. Four years later he plans on getting involved with event production after graduation and said that his experience with RUPA will aid future endeavors. 

Michael Antosiewicz is one of this year's Cambridge Gates Scholarship recipients and the 10th students from Rutgers to receive the award in 11 years.

Nevin Kessler is the executive vice president for Development and Alumni Relations. He says that alumni have a big say in the conversation of how their donations will be used. This allows the University to be flexible with student and faculty needs.

Former vice president of education for Planned Parenthood Federation of America Leslie Kantor has been named the inaugural chair of the Department of Urban-Global Public Health. 

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