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The two wettest years in New Jersey's history have been in the last ten years. This year and 2011, which received a statewide average of 63.95 inches of precipitation. They are both at least five inches higher than the record in third place. 

The Mason Gross School of the Arts is the school with the most students enrolled in online courses. This is because the school offers many introductory courses for non-majors. 

Interim Chancellor Christopher J. Molloy said that Rutgers' campus can be improved in a number of different ways. Including increasing student awareness of resources and internship opportunities offered by University Career Services. 

 Thomas Lennon, an Academy Award-winning director and head of the Documentary Film Lab at the Rutgers Filmmaking center, had more than 40 filmmaking teams contribute to the film. 

Thomas Sokolowski, director of the Zimmerli Art Museum, came up with the idea for Visual AIDS during a dinner party with friends. The group then began giving out press releases every week in New York City with poetry readings, art shows and theater programs related to AIDS.

Robert E. Mortenson Hall, located within the Mason Gross Performing Arts Center on Douglass campus, was unveiled in September of 2013. It provides additional rehearsal and performance spaces for the music, dance and theater departments.

George Stauffer, Dean of Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University, poses for portraits at the school and on campus Monday, July 11, 2016, in New Brunswick, NJ. Jody Somers / J Somers Photography LLC / www.JSomersPhotography.com

John Nelson, the principal investigator of the project, said that STI testing and prevention are often lacking in primary care for people living with HIV.

Fires in the Colombian Amazon are more likely now than in 2016 due to unforeseen impacts that the end of war and subsequent government-based land management have had. A Rutgers study found that threats to the country‚Äôs high level of biodiversity are growing. 


William Gause is director of the Center for Immunity and Inflammation and led a study that analyzed how proteins produced in the presence of intestinal worms might help manage emphysema.

Assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences Sonia Tikoo-Schantz works with moon rock samples and their magnetic characteristics.

David Hughes (second to right) says equal pay was an issue the union had been fighting for over a year. Faculty in departments within the School of Arts and Sciences across New Brunswick, Camden and Newark have very different salaries despite holding the same job.

Jeff Boyd, a professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, aims to make the microbe to represent New Jersey a bacteria called streptomyces griseus, commonly found in soil. 

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