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Sabah Abbasi

Sabah Abbasi

Sabah Abbasi | Opinions Editor

Sabah Abbasi is a School of Art and Sciences junior majoring in public health and political science, and minoring in comparative and critical race and ethnic studies. She came to Rutgers from the Bronx and joined the Targum in September of 2013. She dreams about becoming the President of the World Health Organization to fix all of the health problems in the entire world. All of them. All. Of them. Some of her favorite things include dairy milk whole nut chocolate, her co-worker Michelle, hazelnut coffee (really basic with lots of cream and sugar), and the way the leaves change colors in the fall. Her phone is currently, and constantly, broken or under repair (so don’t try to text her, OK?), and when she’s wearing her leather jacket, you better watch out.  

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