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Yesterday’s event at Trayes Hall saw Gov. Phil Murphy (D-N.J.) run more than state office. The governor paired running sneakers with his suit on his 100th day in office, a metaphor for the policies that he hopes will keep New Jersey “on the move.” 

The study conducted out of Rutgers—New Brunswick found that women who were victims of sexual violence that coupled meditation with aerobic exercise, under lab specified criteria, reported less negative thoughts and improved self-esteem. 

In one of his most recognized scenes, Robin Williams calls on his students to seize the day, a strikingly similar theme to that seen at Monday’s Rutgers Bonner Film Series’ showing of the film. 

James Florio served as New Jersey’s governor between 1990-1994, a time during which he noticed greater civic engagement than what is seen today.

John Capangpangan is a School of Arts and Sciences senior who met with approximately 12 members of the National Front, a far-right populists and nationalist party in France, after an initial visit piqued his interest in the country’s politics. 

Janet Poppendieck is an author and a professor of sociology at Hunter College. She stopped by yesterday’s lecture on hunger relief and said that she has noticed a growth in hunger relief efforts that once functioned as small operations. 

The Rutgers University Student Assembly’s initiative to provide students with complimentary menstrual hygiene products is being tested at 3 of the 5 campuses in order to gauge the program’s success. 

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