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It is difficult to detect autism since there is no benchmark for what the disorder looks like among different children. The newly developed questionnaire has had an 88 percent chance of correctly identifying autism across different socioeconomic groups.

In addition to ancient handmade books, the collection in the basement of Alexander Library includes literature from the personal collections of Walt Whitman and Mark Twain.

As part of national Free Speech Week, Rutgers held an event entitled "What is 'Hate Speech'? Definitions, Laws, Solutions." The event featured various speakers including Susan Keith, the Department of Journalism and Media Studies Chair.

Out of millions of professors at 7,500 institutions, John Kerrigan, a part time lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at Rutgers had the 7th highest student ratings on Rate My Professor.

Perry Halkitis, the recently-appointed dean of the School of Public Health, said he hopes his personal experience will enable him to set an example for marginalized students at Rutgers. Halkitis previously worked at New York University's College of Global Public Health and hopes to push the rankings of the Rutgers department into the top 10 in the country.

Starting in August, Perry N. Halkitis will take over as the new dean of the Rutgers School of Public Health. Prior to being offered this position, Halkitis served as a dean at New York University for 20 years.

The Bias Incident Response Team at Rutgers works to support free speech while also ensuring that students are comfortable. More universities across the country have recently adopted similar organizations.

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