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 The research study found that the effect of climate change on ocean temperatures has resulted in a 4-percent decline of fish available for consumers to eat and fishermen to catch. More than 1 in every 2 people rely on fish for nutrients. 

 Lucy, the name for the skeletal remains of a hominid found in Ethiopia, was known to be bipedal, or able to walk upright because of her bones. Her pelvis specifically revealed that she was able to stand upright and walk. 

Traditionally, gambling appeals to older people. But currently the gambling industry is seeking to draw in millennials. Specifically, sports betting is becoming very popular among college-aged males, and even under-aged individuals.

 Botswana President Mokgweetsi Eric Masisi first assumed office in April of last year. He visited Rutgers last year in September, while he was in the country for a United Nations General Assembly meeting. 

According to the Undergraduate Admissions website, Scarlet Ambassadors are expected to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA, work as part of the staff at the Visitor Center on Busch Campus and attend semester meetings.

 Dorothy Roberts, an interdisciplinary scholar and social justice advocate, said she was excited to come back to Rutgers-Newark to deliver the keynote address, especially since she began her academic career at Rutgers Law School. 

Congressman Frank Pallone (N.J.-6) is currently the chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee. He has previously stated support for universal healthcare, but the New Jersey Healthcare Coalition is urging him to support Medicare for all. 

 Senator Cory Booker has been compared to former President Barack Obama due to his idealism, since he runs on a message of hope and change. Some of the issues that matter most to him are education and prison reform. 

 Due to limited storage room and refrigerator space, Woody's Cafe cannot allow for bottled beverages to be included as part of a student's meal swipe. Instead, students are only permitted to get a fountain drink or carton of milk as a beverage. 

 Dan Battey, who works in the Graduate School of Education, found that white teachers were three times more negative toward Black students. This was measured by their responses to students’ contributions in math classes. 

Umer Hassan, an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Chemical Engineering, has developed a biosensor that is embedded with a chip that detects and quantifies the number of CD4 cells affected by the HIV virus.

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