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Bridges to Prosperity pairs humanitarian efforts with engaging learning experiences for students. The organization builds bridges for communities in Bolivia — connecting residents with valuable resources that become inaccessible during heavy floods.

At around midnight, residents on the 6th floor of the Easton Avenue Apartments were asked to evacuate their rooms due to flooding caused by a pipe break in the emergency staircase. Efforts by Rutgers Housing Facilities to remove any excess water are currently underway. 

Efforts to clean up damage caused by a pipe burst at Hickman Hall are underway. As of Monday, a crew of about 20 people was seen drying the floors, shampooing the carpets and looking for mold. 

Paras Jha, a former Rutgers student, is accused of writing the Mirai botnet to hijack internet-connected devices and using them to attack companies, degrading internet access in large regions of the world as well as at Rutgers.

Rutgers alumnus Mario Batali has been accused of sexual misconduct against multiple women. He stepped down from the daily operations of his business since the allegations came to light.

World renowned philosopher of cognitive science Jerry Alan Fodor died last Wednesday at the age of 82. He was a professor emeritus in the Department of Philosophy at Rutgers for 24 years and founded the University’s Center for Cognitive Science. 

The recently released Paradise Papers show that Rutgers has been storing endowment money in offshore accounts.         

The exhibit, “Crossroads: Art + Native Feminists,” explores the role of marginalized and underrepresented women in art history. It will be on display from Feb. 16 to Feb.18.

Terrence A. Reese's Reflections exhibit depicts influential black individuals in intimate settings with short blurbs beside each piece. The goal is to make it easier for students to relate to the historic figures.

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