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Go green, eat healthier at nutritious restaurants in New Brunswick

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College students are constantly learning, working and on the run, so it’s crucial for us to take care of our bodies, especially during stressful times. Although you may not be willing to completely throw away your current diet or get rid of old habits, it’s important to stay open-minded and try new foods, especially ones that promote a healthy lifestyle. If you’re a college student who is tired of eating pizza from the dining hall or fat sandwiches all the time, but find that incorporating healthier foods into your diet might not be the easiest on a college campus, look no further. Here’s a list of restaurants located in New Brunswick that offer healthy and refreshing options. 


If you’re someone who just can’t fathom the idea of completely giving up comfort foods like pizza or burritos, but want to try and eat better, then Tacoria is a good place to go. Located on Easton Avenue, Tacoria has recently added vegan options to its menu that still have the same hearty, flavorful consistency as some of the more traditional Mexican street foods. It offers alternative options to its mission-style burritos, handcrafted tacos, burrito boxes, ensalada and nachos, which all come with vegan-friendly ingredients, like black beans and rice. It even offers veggie protein options, such as brussels sprouts, rajas — made of roasted corn and poblano peppers — as well as the fan-favorite golden avocado.


Making a conscious effort to eat healthier is easier said than done. That’s why it’s best to gradually work foods that contain better ingredients into your diet or find alternatives to your favorite foods. Almost always, you’ll find that when done right, healthy food is just as delicious as the greasy stuff — it just tastes fresher. Located on Spring St. in Downtown New Brunswick, Veganized offers just that. The gourmet restaurant’s food has 100-percent vegan and natural foods with the majority of the ingredients being organic and made fresh daily. This is another great inexpensive place to eat if you have decided to make the switch to vegan, but still want that same look and feel of food options like burgers and mac and cheese. This is definitely the perfect place to indulge without feeling guilty. 

Frutta bowls

One great thing about healthier food options is that they fill you up, but not to the point where you end up feeling bloated or in desperate need of a nap. Once you’re done eating your healthy, veggie-based meal, you can satisfy your sweet tooth by heading over to the newly opened Frutta Bowls. It’s located on Easton Avenue across from Tacoria, and it is the perfect place to grab a naturally-sweet treat. It offers a selection of fruit bowls based with superfoods like acai, pitaya, kale and even oatmeal bowls, which contain savory fruits, garnishes and drizzles. Aside from the fruit bowls, it has a selection of smoothies which contain some organic ingredients. A bonus is that the majority of the smoothies are almond milk-based for vegans or lactose intolerant people. This is a great place to sit and study as the natural sugar and fiber-packed bowls and smoothies will give you lasting energy and brain power.


Since opening on the College Avenue campus last year, honeygrow has been a popular hotspot for Rutgers students to order their food and sit down to think about all of the homework and studying they are drowning in. Honeygrow offers various healthy stir-fry options, delectable salads, pressed juices and a honey bar that consists of options of fruit that you can choose from, all placed in a bowl drizzled with the toppings of your choice. Although it may be expensive depending on what you get, it is worth it once in a while if you want to work your way into healthier eating. Treat yourself.


This hidden gem is located further down on Easton Avenue and is not a far walk from the College Avenue Student Center. This is the perfect place to go if you want to satisfy your health craving as the menu is extensive and unique, at least for New Brunswick’s standards. It has a food selection that includes salads, sandwiches and a plethora of side options that could be a little overwhelming to choose from. One thing that it offers that many might not be aware of is the power corner, which is a healthy section on its menu that contains fresh ingredients to fulfill your healthy needs. The power corner has quinoa bowls, a superfood salad, a greek style burger and avocado toast, just to name a few. Especially favored for its delectable desserts and baked goods, it also offers some vegan and gluten-free sweets, including the “Better For You” brownie. It is the perfect hideaway spot to enjoy by yourself or with friends. 

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