12% of the incoming freshman class are international students, coming from countries ranging from Taiwan, China, South Korea, India to Vietnam.

Rutgers welcomes largest first-year class in its history

To kick off this upcoming academic school year, Rutgers has greeted the largest and most diverse incoming class in its history, with most of the approximate 7,100 students arriving on campus this past week for Welcome Week events, said Salvador Mena, vice chancellor of Student Affairs, in an interview with The Daily Targum.

Reynold Panettieri, an emergency medicine professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, said there have not been recent medicines to relax the lung's smooth muscle because studies on asthma have not focused specifically on lung tissue.

Rutgers researchers break down asthma with new computer chip model

Rutgers scientists have developed a small research model that will help improve the understanding and treatment of lung-related illnesses like asthma. The technology, called a "bronchi-on-a-chip," mimics lung cells and can be used to test potential medications more efficiently than traditional animal or petri dish models.

Stock photo of the gates at Old Queens. From July 26, 2019. 

Rutgers announces 2.9% tuition increase for 2019-2020

At the Rutgers Board of Governors meeting this week at Winants Hall on the College Avenue campus, a 2.9% increase in undergraduate tuition and fees was approved for the upcoming academic year. The increase is slightly higher than the University's five-year average annual tuition increase of 2.1%. 


Cap and Gown: Eagleton graduates look to future

Two graduating seniors have spent their last year at Rutgers working at the Eagleton Institute’s Center for Youth Political Participation (CYPP), a program that promotes youth engagement in politics. They will both miss Rutgers, but are looking forward to their plans to go to law school. 


Cap and Gown: Out of college, into real world

After graduation, the Class of 2019 will no longer be centered at Rutgers, but instead scattered around the globe. Some students will be directly entering the workforce, starting new jobs, internships or fellowships. Others will be continuing their education by going to graduate school. Others still may focus on family, relationships or buying a house. 

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