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Dr. Kamal Khan, directer of the Office of Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences, delivers an address at the organization's 30th anniversary banquet. During its existence, ODASIS has helped hundreds of students from disadvantaged backgrounds break into medicine, dentistry and other professional fields.

Nicholas Fong, left, and Michelle Lim performed as part of Sunday’s Chinanite, a charity fashion show that raised funds for children in China.

The Rutgers College Republicans hosted the state convention on Saturday in the Wood Lawn Mansion on Douglass campus. Various elected officials came to discuss their work and national issues.

Vanessa’s Food Pantry, hosted at the Emanuel Lutheran Church near New Street, provides food for the homeless and other people in need.

Evan Covello, left, Justin Schulberg, center, and Shannon Chang, right, have won the 2016 elections for the Rutgers University Student Assembly. They will be sworn in on April 14 for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Hosted by Oxfam Rutgers, the University’s chapter of Oxfam International, OXFEST sought to engage the Rutgers community by providing them with a slew of cultural performances and a feast featuring cuisines from all corners of the globe. 

Several groups held a vigil Tuesday night to remember the lives of three East-African men shot and killed last week in Fort Wayne, In., and a fourth victim shot by police Monday in Salt Lake City, Nv. He remains in critical condition.

The Rutgers University Student Muslim Association met to discuss Islamophobia in their lives, especially after Sept. 11.

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