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Nikhilesh De

Nik De is a School of Arts and Sciences senior. When he isn’t tracking the planetary motions of the stars, Nik is following Cher on her U.S. tour. In the future, Nik aspires to be a plane. A big plane. A very big plane. He’s like the plane equivalent of the “I like trains” kid from ASDF. Come along on his journey through space and time by following his Twitter @nikhileshde. He is nice and reliable according to Urban Dictionary. Email is his sworn enemy but he can be contacted at

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Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) reportedly charged two of its members with engaging in "pre-campaigning." Standing rules give the elections committee jurisdiction over all election-related matters.

Students and faculty gathered in the Fiber Optics building on Feb. 16 to discuss President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Participants voiced their demands to Rutgers administrators.

The RU Hungry? grease truck has been a staple at Rutgers for nearly 40 years, but after the University declined to renew its operating license, it has been forced to leave school grounds.

The Rutgers University Student Assembly debated changes to their constitution, concluding a process they began roughly a month ago. The existing constitution has been in use for nearly a decade.

Deborah Gray White, chair of the Committee on Enslaved and Disenfranchised Populations at Rutgers, announced the group's recommendations in the College Avenue Student Center on Friday, including that a course on diversity be required for students. 

Sigma Chi partnered with eight sororities to raise more than $300,000 for the Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Brunswick with their Derby Days charity fundraiser.

Mark Gulick, a manager at Neilson Dining Hall, was transferred out of the Brower Dining Commons on Monday, but employees at the facility say he needs to return.

A record number of votes were cast on the Livingston and Busch campuses for the 2016 presidential election.

NJPIRG is working to register 1,000 students through the week of Sept. 26 by tabling, visiting classrooms and visiting greek houses. So far, they have registered more than 830 students in four days.

Readers of conservative news site Campus Reform voiced concerns over a bulletin board hanging inside a College Avenue residence hall. 

Congressman Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) spoke to several of his constituents about the recent Democratic sit-in in the House of Representatives and gun violence in the United States.

Photo Illustration | Rutgers plans to upgrade its digital learning platforms over the summer, including Sakai. It will also start using Canvas, a system which will ultimately replace eCollege.

The Department of English and the Rutgers Writing Program hosted the Fourth Annual Undergraduate Research Writing Conference on Tuesday morning to recognize students who earned an A in different writing classes.

The Companion Animal Club is working to increase awareness of companion animals that aid people with disabilities. 

The two main tickets for the RUSA elections – Scarlet Knights for You (top) and Our Rutgers (bottom) – spoke at a candidate forum Tuesday night. 

Matt Panconi, president of RUSA, gave a “State of the Assembly” address on Thursday night, describing the group’s accomplishments over the past year.

Scarlet Knights for You featured Nivedh Rajesh, right, Mohammed Asker and Margaux Taylor at the candidate forum. The three answered questions about their goals if they are elected.

February 2016 | Evan Covello, middle, a School of Arts and Sciences junior and RUSA vice president, discussed the upcoming year during the RUSA meeting on Sept. 8. was meant to emulate a 19-year-old girl on Twitter, but malicious users on the internet were able to convince it to discuss the Holocaust and other topics. Microsoft took the bot down one day after it went online. 

Dance performances were a part of Basant Blowout III, the third annual spring formal held by the Association of Punjabis at the school.

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