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Why it's okay to be a grinch on christmas

December can be a tough month for those of us who tend to fall on the Grinchy side of humanity. Once the sleigh bells start ringing and the holiday shoppers begin trampling Walmart employees for seasonal deals, anyone who dares criticize the holiday spirit gets accused of being a part of the "War on Christmas." Really though, American Christmas culture is all about corporate profits and materialism anyway, so let us jingle all the way to Whoville and give all the jolly jerks a dose of red and green reality. Santa isn’t Real He’s just a lie your parents told you so they could eventually crush the foundation your entire concept of what Christmas was built on.


Save your money with this DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

Nothing screams Christmas like a good ole’ ugly sweater. Every year, there are ugly Christmas sweaters spotted everywhere around campus, especially Christmas parties. Barnes & Noble has one that is $40 — what a rip off — so don't bother blowing a paycheck on a sweater with Santa’s face on it when you can make one on your own. You no longer have to fear spending a wad of cash on an ugly sweater that you are probably going to wear once a year.


Things we want to see at the new Hidden Grounds

We’ve all seen it in every show on television. Every squad from back in the day always met at their neighborhood’s coffee shop/diner to catch up on life. There was Tom’s Restaurant in "Seinfeld," Central Perk in "Friends," and on "Lizzie McGuire," the “ultra hip”Digital Bean.


#FreeTheNipple — Cabaret Theatre's 2015 Directors Showcase brings fresh talent on stage

Cabaret Theatre hosted their 2015 annual edition of the Director’s Showcase last Friday as an opportunity for first-time directors to present a one-act play of their choosing. The event itself gave many students, directors and actors exposure to theatre and the production process. Actors consisted of seasoned, experienced Cabaret performers and students who were just getting their feet wet for the first time on stage. Elizabeth Alt, a School of the Arts and Sciences first-year student, gave her thoughts on how her first directing experience went. “Working with characterization was the hardest part for me.


Turkey trouble drinking game

Gathering around one table to give thanks, your family is finally all together at last. After fierce cross-interrogation about your classes, GPA, social circle, love life and career plans for the next 50 years, there’s left nothing for a Rutgers kid to do but pop a bottle and embrace the evening.


Conversations we're dreading this Thanksgiving

Ahh, Thanksgiving dinner. You haven’t seen such a delicious bounty of properly cooked food since you kissed your loved ones goodbye and returned to campus at the beginning of the semester, but don’t think you will be chowing down so fast. The only level of anticipation surpassing your broke, collegian hunger is that of your doting relatives. Sort of a cross between an incredibly nosey first date and FBI background check, their questions are sure to flow more easily than the whiskey from the not-so-secret flask your weird uncle always pockets for the holiday season.

Olivia Gerrits

Local artists bring work, stories to Hidden Grounds’ Arts & Crafts Fair

Hidden Grounds devoted their space last Friday night to some of New Brunswick’s up-and-coming artists and crafters, who packed into the Easton Avenue hotspot with nothing but their creations and a dream. Droves of shoppers stopped by the fifth installment of HG’s Arts & Crafts Fair to support the Rutgers students, and one alumna, displaying their art and passions for all to see (and hopefully buy). Inside Beat has the scoop on the creative forces behind the tables, whose stories were as diverse as the products they sold.

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